1957-58 Ford Lower Front Outer Door Post

1957-58 Ford Lower Front Outer Door Post
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he lower front outer door post is a hidden part that is known for its rust. The lower outer door post is located behind the lower rear part of the front fender. AT the front edge of the rocker panel and extends upward to past the lower door hinge. The lower outer door post, by its location is subject to road debris from the front tire on its outer surface and subject to the same inside rust damage as the rocker panel. If the rocker panel is rusted then it is most likely that the lower outer door post is rusted also. The same applies if the lower front fender section is rusted the the outer door post will be weakened by rust.

Made in the USA from heavy 18 gage steel, the lower outer door post has all the shapes and curves as original and is that hard to repair connection part between the rocker and the firewall.

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