1935 -1936 Ford Front Floor Pans

1935 -1936 Ford Front Floor Pans
Item# PN233/153/234

Product Description

1935 -1936 Ford Front Floor Pans - Street Rod Style Fits All Body Styles The Front Floor Pan kit will replace the floor pan from the firewall to just under the front part edge of the front seat. Our Floor Pan kit will replace the original wood floor boards with steel to provide a better, stronger floor and a better seal against noise and exhaust fumes. It will extend from side to side and will include part of the drive shaft tunnel. Each of our kits comes with a die-stamped transmission cover, enlarged to accomodate the newer automatic transmissions, and can be bolted or welded in place. All kits are made of 18 gauge steel and have a quality reinforcement bead for strength. Each kit is made to match the set-back of the firewall. Use the universal if you made a custom firewall or have a custom application. If your floor is very rusty, new rocker panels may be needed.

Stock Firewall PN233

Small Block Firewall PN153

Big Block Firewall PN234

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